About Us

Our Company

PlayTrends (powered by Execelgames Interactive Pte Ltd) is an online Computers and Electronics e-tailer that markets all leading brands of Phones, Tablets, Notebook or Desktop Computers, Software, Lifestyle Products, PC Components and Accessories, Health & Beauty.  Our customer can rest assured that you will be buying a 100% genuine products from us with standard warranty from our respective local and/or international manufacturers/vendors.

Our Story

PlayTrends was founded by a Team of Pioneers with over 15 years of experiences in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in which the Team (Co-Founders) had previously held many key leadership roles with Intel, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Microsoft and some other well known brands. 

We have been in this industry for over 15 years and have enjoyed the challenge of this dynamic unforgiving industry. We have a forward-looking perspective and a vision of what e-commerce online shopping should be and will be the next game changing mega-trend.

We firmly believe it’s all about executing our vision, relying on our strength and making choices. But above all, it’s about the passion and enjoying what we do.

Our Purpose

We are extremely excited about where this industry is heading to and with this, we are extending our offline footprint to online storefront with one single purpose - to serve our customers 365 days at anytime, anyplace with any devices at your convenience!

Looking Ahead

PlayTrends team will always strive to reflect the highest vision of ourselves. We will continue to think universally so not to remain flawlessly stagnant but continue to grow to become one of the leading e-tailer in this industry.

We would like to invite you to ride the wave with us. We believe the greatest adventure is what lies ahead.

We are excited about our new PlayTrends IT & Gaming Online Store  – www.Play-Trends.com, which we hope you’ll check out and continue to support us.

We will continue to strive for excellence not just to meet our customer needs but also to excel in what we do best – exceeding customer expectation and deliver the very best products with great value to our customers.

Our people, our vision, our strength, our passion for online, and most importantly our great partnership with industry leading Manufacturers, Distributors and Brand Owners are the foundation of the company success.

Where We Operate.

Our South-East Asia HQ


42, Kaki Bukit Crescent, Kaki Bukit TechPark I, Singapore 416267


Office Hour: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm daily (except Public Holidays) 

Customer Service: Support@play-trends.com

Website URL: https://www.Play-Trends.com